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Our experts on…Thermal Spraying

Thermal spraying can be a fantastic way to apply a coat to your component, but clients at B&B regularly ask our experts for advice on what the different kinds of sprays are and what their respective benefits and negatives are. Let’s start by explaining exactly what it is that makes each process different from each other.

Thermal Spray Processes: Pros & Cons

The benefits and negatives of each one. Here is a broad overview of each technique.


Thermal Spraying: Metal Coating Properties

We often get asked by our clients as to which coating is going to be best

for them, so here is a quick overview on different metal coatings and

their properties.

HVOF: The Process

HVOF can achieve extremely hard coatings for your components, but what is involved in the process?

Our experts explain...

HVOF: The Advantages

If you're looking for a uniform and hard coating then you should consider using HVOF.

HVOF is a Thermal Spray Coating that has a number of applications for your component.

Here are its advantages...

Sub-Contract not Sub-Service

Alongside Coating B&B also offer sub-contract machining services.

This includes CNC Milling, Turning and Grinding.

HVOF vs Hard Chrome Plating

Hard Chrome Plating is already banned in the USA, and may be going in the same direction in the UK soon.

as such alternatives will need to be found, so how does HVOF stack up?

Is there such thing as Precision Engineering?

A quick search on Google and you’ll soon be tripping over engineering companies with precision in the title.

It goes without saying that the very nature of engineering means that work needs to be precise.

After all you can’t imagine employing someone to build a bridge using vague measurements.

So what sets one engineer apart from another?

Why Use Flame Spray?

Flame Spray is one of the Thermal Spray Processes that we offer, so why might you consider it?

Here are the benefits of using Powder Flame Spray

5 Reasons to Sub-Contract

Here's 5 good reasons why sometimes it might be more sensible to sub-contract rather than manufacture in house.

Ball Valves – Stellite 6 Coating

How can stellite 6 coatings applied via hvof improve ball valves?

Here's more information.

Our Free Guide to Thermal Spraying

B&B Coatings have produced a completely free guide to Thermal Spray Coatings whcih takes you through all the basics like;

What are the different processes? What are the different coatings? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Ceramic Coatings for Exhausts

How can Ceramic Coatings improve the part life of your exhaust?

We Have A Problem

In fact we have several a month...

Ceramic Coatings In Industry

HVOF applied Ceramic Coatings have a wide range oif applications for a variety of sectors.

Our New Year’s Resolutions

In 2017, B&B coatings have made a fresh committment to providing high levels of service.

Here are our New Year's Resolutions.


B&B featured in Industrial Process News

B&B Coatings were featured in Industrial Process news as one of the top ten companies they saw exhibiting at last year's Northern Manufacturing Show.

Is September The End For Hard Chrome?

We are currently in contact with the ECHA about Hard Chrome's future.

Our NEW Grinder Arrives!

B&B are proud to annouce that we have increased our capacity and capabilities with the addition of a new grinder.

Hard Chrome Sunset Date is 21st September

The ECHA have confirmed that new tighter restrictions will affect the use of Hard Chrome Plating.

Our Relationship With Customers

Our relationship with customers
B&B always look to develop long term relationships with our clients whether big or small.

'Too Broad' Application to save Hard Chrome

Current applications for continued use of hard chrome plating have receieved negative feedback from the ECHA

More than Machining

B&B have developed a range of complimentary services including; CNC Milling, CNC Turning, HVOF Coatings and CNC Grinding.

Introducing Haigh Coatings

If you’re researching coatings for high wear environments then you’ll have come across a number of brand names for coating.

All of which make the same promise of enhanced corrosion, wear and hardness. Quite often though…they are all actually offering the same thing!

Repair & Rebuild Worn Components

HVOF is one way you can repair worn components, the process enables you to build up worn parts with an additive layer of material and then grind to finish.

Ensuring Delivery Dates

B&B Precision are acting proactively in order to ensure that your orders arrive on time.

 Is your application in?

Did you miss the application period to keep using Hard Chrome?

High Wear? High Corrosion? What Coating?

There are a number of different options for components which must operate in high wear and corrosion environments, but each has it's drawbacks.

Bright Future For British Manufacturing

B&B Precision are proud to fly the flag as a British manufacturer thriving in the current climate, but we see core challenges that must be addressed today in order to secure tomorrow.

Securing Long Term Growth Starts Today

It often seems in manufacturing that we go through periods of boom and bust, but this a trend B&B Precision have bucked. We have built steadily over the last seven years and are putting forward are plans for continued growth.

Trouble Machining In Tungsten?

Tungsten is described as a ‘heavy metal’ due to its hard nature and corrosion resistance properties. It is a very dense metal and is used in a wide variety of industries ranging from radiation shielding to golf clubs. Working with Tungsten represents a challenge in several areas.

Standing Out As A Sub-Contractor

We had a small feature in this month's Business and Industry

Quality No Issue

We have recently undertaken a customer audit and customers tell us that they have not had Quality Issues with the components we have manufactured.

Manufacturers At The Crossroads

Manufacturing seems to be at a cross roads at the moment. Confidence is high in the market and yet growth is fragile.


B&B Coatings are encouraging people to test out HVOF for their application free of charge.

What’s Protecting Your Pump?

Any pump application must consider longevity and cost of replacement when it comes to material selection. There are three key areas that need to considered.

New Haas VF6 Machine

B&B are proud to announce we have expanded our shop floor with the addition of a new Haas VF6.

Why OEMs Should Outsource Manufacturing?

Should Original Equipment Manufacturers consider outsourcing part of their production?

Processes Affected by Hexavalent Restrictions

Hexavalent Chromium has long been on the ECHA’s list of annexed substances due to its carcinogenic nature. This year on September 21st further restrictions will come into play and this means manufacturers across the country have had to look for an alternative. So what processes are affected and how are companies reacting?

4 tips to improve productivity

Despite putting on weekend and evening shifts throughout 2017, sometimes it feels as though there just aren’t enough hours in the day! B&B have been heavily focused this year on improving our internal procedures and lead time through the acquisition of new machines and new staff. Chief amongst these was the appointment of Richard Crowther, our Operations Manager. Here are 5 of Richard's tips to ensure you make the most out of your day.

NEBOSH certification

Richard Crowther, our Operations Manager has acheieved his NEBOSH certification in Health and Safety.

Hard Wearing Copper Coatings?

Copper is most often applied as a coating through electro-plating. Electro-plated Copper is used as a way to create a smooth uniform undercoat for other processes such as Silver Plating. It is thin and malleable in nature and enhances a component with improved electrical and heat conductivity. The process itself involves taking parts and placing them into a vat containing an electrolytic solution, a current is run into the bath promoting the build-up of the copper on the part.

Steel Rolling for Longer

Any Roll whether employed in hot or cold rolling techniques undergoes a high level of wear that affects it’s part life and must also contend with an often hot oxidising environment, corrosion and fatigue.​ So How can we protect them?

Another successful year at B&B

Having just completed another financial year, B&B Precision have seen another year of sustained growth which has helped us take on new staff, new machines and new standards.

A Guide To Flanges

Flanges are the connecting components bringing together Pipes, Pumps and Pressure Vessels. Most often flanges will be made of forged or cast steel, but are increasingly being manufactured in ‘hard’ and ‘exotic’ materials such as Inconel. This is an overview of the basic and most commonly found kind of flanges.

In The Huddersfield Examiner!

B&B were proud to be featured in the Huddersfield Examiner. We’ve been bringing you updates as we celebrate another successful financial year and this was highlighted in a fantastic  profile in the paper.

REACH impacts on Hexavalent Chromium

On September 21st 2017 heavy restrictions under the REACH directive on the use of any coating/plating which utilises Hexavalent Chromium (CR6). This means that many traditional metal finishing options will no longer be available and penalties may come into effect for those companies carrying out the process without authorisation.

Machines complement skills in manufacturing

The role of automation and technology within the Manufacturing industry is a hot topic for debate at the moment with many companies embracing an 'industry 4.0' vision

Past, Present and Future of Hard Chrome Plating

Throughout 2017 we have been bringing you updates as new tighter restrictions are placed against known carcinogen, Hexavalent Chromium and its associated processes.

Hexavalent Chromium and You

Throughout 2017, B&B have been updating you as new, tighter restrictions have been placed against the use of Hexavalent Chromium which came into effect on the 21st of September 2017. This new legislation will affect processes such as Hard Chrome Plating, Chromic Anodising, Zinc Plating and Passivation. These changes have not been as widely publicised as we feel they should have been, and we have had a number of customers ask us questions.

Jigs and Fixtures

The creation of jigs and fixtures is a key part of our production and is one of the core skills that allows us to manufacture complex parts efficiently. So what are Jigs and Fixtures and how do we use them?

How Will Brexit Affect UK Manufacturing?

Uncertainty. There are few words more appropriate then describing the effect that Brexit will have on the UK in the months and years ahead. Every industry is clamouring for answers as soon as possible about what a deal might look like and how it will affect their business. “Knowing is half the battle” as they say. Ahead of tomorrow’s GDP figures we look at the UK’s manufacturing industry look like today, and how might Brexit affect us both at home and internationally?

Can You Handle The Heat? High Temp Coatings.

Industrial Processes across a wide range of industries must operate in aggressive environments which contain high temperatures, high pressure and a high level of stress put on individual components. So what materials and processes can help extend the part life in these environments?

Complete Supply of Valve Components

B&B Precision work closely with a number of customers in the valve industry. Our range of complimentary services allow us to supply complete components to your specifications.

Cost Implications of Material Selection

For any component material selection has a crucial impact its life cycle and performance. There are a very wide range of different options to consider when selecting the right materials and processes.

Machining of Magnesium

Magnesium and its alloys are a material growing in popularity within the engineering sector. This is primarily down to its attributes as a strong but lightweight material...


Troubleshooting your Thermal Spray Problems.

For many sub-contract machinists, the requirement for Thermal Spray Coatings is a troublesome one. Traditional metal finishing processes are largely standardised, familiar and in the cases of specific brands (for example xylan) there will be a large amount of information available. When it comes to Thermal Spray however it can actually be quite difficult to identify the specification and process required and the process itself may be unfamiliar to many.

Plating On/With Inconel

Hard and Exotic Materials have grown in popularity as materials selected for high wear, high corrosion and high temperature environments.

New Year, Old Parts?

While many other businesses were winding down for Christmas most factories and foundries will have been squeezing every minute out of the day in order to fulfil the pre-holiday demand. This often puts extra stress and strain on legacy machinery and may result in failures. For many businesses, January represents a chance to start a fresh and conduct preventative maintenance, but what are your options when a part has come to the end of its life?

Repairing Super Alloy Components

Extending Part life is a key consideration for many industries but in particular the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sectors in which components need to operate in environments with high levels of wear and corrosion whilst often in high temperature and pressurised environments.

Job Titles: CNC Miller / CNC Turner

We currently have an active position for CNC Miller and Turners. 

Apprenticeships too risky?

As a growing business in the manufacturing sector, B&B see apprenticeships as being key to the long term success of our business. On paper an apprenticeship should be a win/win for both the young person and the employer but we see that there are a number of risks with the current system.

Extending Oil and Gas Components

Components in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries often are exposed to wear mechanisms as well as chemical attack and erosion, as such they are subject to corrosion and failure. 

Enquire about our services...