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B&B can combine several materials to offer a bespoke solution to your coatings needs. All of our HVOF applied coating will enhance the hardness and wear resistance of your component.

Tungsten Carbide - Extremely hard, tough & dense. Often used in the most arduous wear / erosion environments. Suitable for use in extremely high temperature applications. Tungsten Carbide is also the ideal replacement for Hard Chrome Plating. READ MORE

Nickel Alloys - Offer excellent Corrosion Resistance, and in particular perform well where chemical resistance is importance. Nickel Alloys are often used in marine environments and can perform within a wide temperature range. Nickel Alloys are non-magnetic and have low porosity. READ MORE

Ceramics- Ceramic coatings are often used to create a barrier as they provide both electrical insulation and thermal resistance. Through the HVOF process we can create a very high density coating which is capable of withstanding thousands of volts. READ MORE

Stellite 6- Stellite 6 provides excellent corrosion resistance as well as general purpose wear resistance to components. Stellite alloys are difficult to machine and so using HVOF gives you all the benefits of the material without the need for complex machining. Popular with our valve customers. READ MORE

Copper Alloys- Copper provides components with superior oxidation and wear resistance properties. As a coating it will also increase the electrical and heat conductivity of components. READ MORE

Iron Alloys- Iron alloys have many of the attributes of Nickel and produces  a very smooth coating, which is idea for protecting parts from erosion or fretting. HVOF applied Iron coatings are also often used for dimensional repair.

Chromium Oxide- Chromium Oxide coatings perform especially well in corrosive chemical environments and are insoluble to acids, alkalis and alcohol when sealed. They can operate at very high temperatures and are a very dense, hard coating.


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