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B&B Coatings can create a bespoke coating to suit your application. Ceramic Coatings as a family are typically used as a strong thermal barrier that can provide electrical Insulation.


Thermal Spray Processes have allowed Ceramic Coatings to be developed. Previously a number of barrier parts were actually made in ceramic, but this technology allows a smooth and dense coating to be applied to complex components. This allows us to give a component the key attributes of heat and electrical insulation.

Ceramics by their nature act as an electrical barrier, and due to the additive nature of the HVOF process we are able to build up a thick layer of Ceramic coating that can withstand thousands of volts. 

Ceramic coatings are also able to withstand a higher level of heat exposure and this is one of the key reasons that they are widely used in the aerospace industry. Other applications include exhausts, furnace linings as well as within the electronics industry. 

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