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Nickel Alloys

Nickel Alloys

B&B can formulate bespoke coatings to suit your applications. Coatings containing Nickel Alloys are particularly suited to environments where good chemical resistance is important. 


Nickel Alloys offer an enhanced level of corrosion resistance, particuarly in chemically corrosive environments and marine environments. Generally speaking they are able to perform at high tempertures and may be used in telecommunications applications due to their Non Magnetic properties. 

Nickel Alloys also include materials such as Inconel. As an 'exotic' and hard metal, Inconel is expensive to source and will take more time to machine, making production costs higher. Using the HVOF process to coat using Inconel we are able to give a component the attributes of the metal, without the price. 

Nickel Alloys are used in a variety of applications and are often called upon where Electroless Nickel can not meet requirements for high wear resistance. Applications incude Valves and Pumps, particularly in marine applications as well as a variety of Oil and Gas components such as valve stems and hydraulic pistons. HVOF applied Nickel alloy coatings are used in Chemical Process Equipment. 

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