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Thermal Spraying: Metal Coating Properties

Metalizing is a group of different Thermal Spray processes. Essentially they all involve using metal coating and applying them to your component. We often get asked by our clients as to which coating is going to be best for them, so here is a quick overview on different metal coatings and their properties.

Nickel Alloys

Nickel has excellent resistance to corrosion and in particular is great against chemical corrosion. It produces coatings which are moderate in terms of hardness and density, but is a material that is easily machined. We would recommend nickel for marine and high-temperature environments.  

Iron Alloys

If you’re looking for a lot of the attributes of Nickel but at a lower price point then Iron is definitely something you should consider. It produces a very smooth coating, which is ideal for protecting parts from erosion or fretting and is often used for dimensional repair.

Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide is extremely tough, with a high hardness and density rating. It’s often used in environments where high wear and erosion occurs. One example of use would by in hydraulic pistons due to its water resistance. Another use would be aircraft landing gear due to its durability.

Aluminium Alloys

Currently increasing in popularity with our aerospace clients since the introduction of metal-skinned aircraft. Aluminium can be atomized to increase its density and has excellent electrical conductivity properties. When it comes to decorative coating Aluminium provides a bright, shiny and smooth finish.

Copper Alloys

Copper is a great alternative to Nickel in that it has superior oxidation and wear resistance. Copper Alloys also increase conductivity and is popular with our plumbing and water pump clients.

Get in touch today and tell us about your project’s needs and our friendly team of experts can guide you through which thermal spray process and what coating will get you the best results.

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