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HVOF: The Process

HVOF: The Process

HVOF or High Velocity Oxygen Fuel is a Thermal Spray Process that was designed to produce extremely high spray velocity. In fact, rocket engine technology was the driving force behind HVOF’s creation in the early 1980’s by Browning and Whitfield.

Step One- Choose A Coating

B&B Precision have hundreds of different coatings available for clients. These include carbides, ceramics and metals. The type of coating you need will depends obviously on what the components’ end use will be. Our experts at B&B have found that carbide cermet coatings really excel through HVOF process. This is because the very high kinetic energy created means that the particles don’t have to be fully molten in order to form a quality coat.

Step Two- Spraying

Once you’ve chosen the coating, its ground up into a fine powder and injected into the machine. Although manual sprayers are available, here at B&B Precision we’ve found that in order to achieve the best possible results you really need a machine. That’s why we’ve invested in the latest KUKA robotic arm. The powder enters the spray, where it meets the expanding hot gases and is propelled forward.

Step Three– Bonding

If we could zoom in and slow down the HVOF process what we’d see is that as the powder leaves the spray not only does it heat up but also it speeds up. Imagine a ball of metal being shot out of a cannon and as it does so it heats up and becomes liquid. This ball of liquid hits the surface and as it does so it splashes onto its target like a water balloon hitting the pavement. The coating hits the surface so fast and so hard that it bonds with the metal, and over the course of a HVOF treatment, layers on layers are built up of coating.

Step Four- Finishing

One of the distinct advantages of HVOF is that we can get a thicker coat than with other treatments, but also using a precise tool our KUKA robot you can easily control the thickness you need. Our clients tell us that with HVOF they’ve been able to achieve very hard coatings (HV1250+) which have actually doubled the component life span.


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