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HVOF: The Advantages

B&B Precision are always investing in the latest technology to help our clients, and nowhere is that more true than of our HVOF coating. Unlike conventional flame spray, High Velocity Oxygen Fuel, (HVOF) utilises confined combustion and an extended nozzle to heat and accelerate the powdered coating material. In fact our HVOF device operates at hypersonic gas velocities that are greater than MACH 3. Just to put that into perspective that’s more velocity than a jumbo jet! It’s these extreme velocities that produce kinetic energy and help produce coatings that are very dense and well adhered.

New Parts

The experts at B&B Precision know that designers often fall under pressure to design and engineer the surface properties of materials in order to meet performance requirements. One of the key advantages of HVOF is that it enables you to have the properties of a much more expensive material, at a much lower cost point. Applying HVOF enables you to extend component life cycle, and reduce damage caused through heat, erosion and corrosion.

Parts like: Gate and Ball valves, Rock Drilling Bits, Print rollers, Fluid Seals and Turbine Blades can all benefit from HVOF.

Old Parts

Another great application for HVOF is the reclamation or re-engineering of old components. Here we are largely talking about moving parts from machines, but virtually any equipment which is subject to wear could benefit from HVOF.

This could prolong the usefulness of some of your components and in many cases our clients have told B&B that it’s significantly cheaper than replacing the part. Usually in this sort of work we would recommend using steels, carbides and bronze coating.

Is HVOF right for your project? Which coating would be best? Get in touch today and one of our friendly experts at B&B Precision can help you.


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