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Is there such thing as Precision Engineering?

A quick search on Google and you’ll soon be tripping over engineering companies with precision in the title. It goes without saying that the very nature of engineering means that work needs to be precise. After all you can’t imagine employing someone to build a bridge using vague measurements. So what sets one engineer apart from another?


Certainly the first thing you should look for to ensure quality is an IS09001 accreditation. We would consider this to be a minimum requirement for any precision engineer you’re looking to work with.


Another good indication on the level of precision can often be seen in the sorts of sector that a company will work in. Industries like oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, medical or nuclear all indicate a higher level of detail needed.


Before you even speak to a company it’s important to check their capacity to ensure they can make your component. Alongside this, have a look at the machines themselves. Has the company invested in new technology? Can you see that they have expanded and updated over the years? Are they based in a modern facility or in someone’s shed?


What facilities does the company use to test its work? Does it do it in house or will you be waiting to hear back? Do they have a dedicated department or just someone working on the shop floor? Work that isn’t up to scratch costs everyone money.


Ultimately you can only judge the level of quality and service by using a company. There are many other factors that set one supplier apart from another. Things like strong communication skills and working to deadlines are key to the overall quality of the service.

As for B&B Precision, we can work on components with very tight tolerances that require a higher level of accuracy. We operate out of a modern facility based in Huddersfield and have a full on site testing facility with dedicated quality engineers. Contact us today to find out how our sub-contract machining services can help you.



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