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Why Use Flame Spray?

B&B Coatings offer two kinds of Thermal Spray Processes, HVOF and Flame Spray. HVOF produces the very best coatings available and can add corrosion resistance, hardness and wear resistance properties to your component. Flame Spray is a cheaper alternative, so how does it compare?

Flame Spraying is actually the oldest forms of coating there is. It was developed as far back as 1900 by Max Ulrich Schoop and although has developed over time, the core process has remained much the same. Gas fuel and oxygen are mixed and ignited and this is the delivery method for your coating powder. Here are a few reasons to use Flame Spray.

Lower Cost

Flame Spraying is generally the cheapest option in terms of Thermal Spray Coatings and is an option to consider if you need coating for a component which will be used in a less demanding environment. Flame Spray is also a cost effective solution for re-coating of components which encounter wear, which will avoid costly re-manufacture.


One of the major advantages of Flame Spraying is the versatility afforded. Virtually any material can be used to spray the intended surface, meaning you can apply a wide range of coatings using Flame Spraying. B&B can offer a wide range of powder coating including Aluminium, Ceramics, Nickel Alloys, Tungsten Carbide, Titanium and more.


Flame Spray is used in a number of different industries. It’s very popular in the Oil & Gas industry for fuse and spray coatings. It’s also used heavily in the agriculture industry for harvesting components due it its wear resistance properties. One application that is popular with our clients is in reclamation work. Components like worn shafts and in particular bearing areas with materials such as stainless steel or bronze alloy.

Get in touch today to see how B&B Coatings can help improve the performance of your parts alongside cost savings for your business using Thermal Spray Coatings. We offer both HVOF and Flame Spray and have a wide range of coating materials to suit your needs.

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