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5 Reasons to Sub-Contract

What are the advantages of hiring a sub-contract manufacturer as opposed to producing something in house?

1. When you’re over capacity

Nothing is worse than having to tell your loyal client that their part is going to be late. Ensuring timely delivery is key to the successful running of any business. This is why when you’re near capacity it makes common sense to outsource some work. This enables you to ensure that your current crop of customers are happy and also increases future work from a customer you might otherwise have to turn away.

2. To open new avenues

Following the same business mindset, where you have a potential customer in a new field or with a new product, it makes perfect sense to find a sub-contractor. This saves you time, and ensures a high quality end product. Although you might only earn a referral fee (and certainly there will be a degree of project management involved) the more clients use you, the more work they are likely to give you over time.

3. When you simply can’t manufacture it

A customer might come to you with something that you simple cannot create yourself. Something too big or too complicated, or where you don’t have the equipment. Finding a sub-contractor is the sensible thing to do. From a business point of view, it once again means that future work you might be able to accommodate will still come to you.

4. When you want an expert

We can’t all know everything, so finding experts in niche fields can help support your business and ensure a high quality end product. It might be you only need a supplier for one specific process like coating, or need a supplier with experience creating X parts.

5. Lowers Your Risk

All of the above aim to reduce your risk of upsetting clients and ensuring a high quality end product. Ultimately any sub-contractor who works for you represents your business and it’s key to form strong relationships over time with trusted suppliers.

If you’re looking for a fantastic all in one service from a company tried and tested then why not give B&B Precision a go? We can support your business with engineering, grinding and coating services. Based in Huddersfield. 

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