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Ball Valves – Stellite 6 Coating

B&B Precision achieve great results for our valve customers applying Stellite 6 Coating through HVOF. This creates an extremely hard wearing coating that is ideal for ball valves, valve seats and gates, pump shafts, bearings, erosion shields and rolling couples.

Corrosion Resistance

Coating using Stellite 6 ensures excellent corrosion resistance. This is down to the inherent characteristics of the hard carbide phase dispersed in a CoCr alloy matrix, which allows Stellite 6 Coatings to keep their corrosion resistance properties even at high temperatures. Similar to stainless steels, Stellite 6 corrodes primarily through a pitting mechanism and not by general mass loss in seawater and chloride solutions.

Wear Resistance

Stellite 6 is the industry standard for a lot of general-purpose wear resistance. This includes many forms of mechanical and chemical degradation. Stellite 6 Coatings will keep a high level of hardness up to 500°C. Stellite 6 will also have a good resistance to impact and cavitation erosion.


Stellite 6 is becoming a very popular choice for our valve customers and is often used as a replacement for Electroless Nickel Plating where the same level of hardness just can’t be achieved. This could also be a replacement or Hard Chrome Plating with its inherent environmental issues.

B&B Coatings

B&B Coatings have invested in the latest HVOF technology including a dedicated spray booth, KUKA Robotic arm and C02 Cooling. We have an on-sight testing facilities that enable us to carry out a range of inspection reports to suit your needs.


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