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Ceramic Coatings for Exhausts

If you’re looking to improve the part life of your exhausts, then you should consider Ceramic Coatings applied through HVOF.

Why Ceramics?

Ceramic Coating is fantastic as a heat insulator and will reduce the surface temperature within the exhaust by up to a third. This in turn will mean cooler intake temperatures and more power. This technique has been adapted by many motorsport competitors and is commonly used on any part that will experience high temperatures.  Ceramic Coating will also increase the resistance to wear, abrasion and corrosion.

Which Parts?

Ceramic Coating is often used on parts like exhaust manifolds, exhaust headers, turbocharger housings, exhaust downpipes, intake pipes and tailpipes.

Available In:

As well as its functional role, ceramic coating are also available in a range of decorative styles including: white, cream and a dark blue/grey colour

How Do We Coat Them?

B&B  Coatings use cutting edge technology in order to ensure the highest quality coat for your exhaust parts. We have a KUKA robotic arm, dedicated spray booth and CO2 cooling. Contact B&B Coatings today to see how we can improve the life of your exhaust parts.

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