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We Have A Problem

In fact we get several of them a month. 

B&B Coatings are often approached by engineers and manufacturers interested to see if HVOF applied coating could solve their problem. More often than not they are looking to improve their part life, in a challenging environments with high levels of corrosion, wear and heat. 

HVOF is an extremely versatile process and by using different powders we can create a customised coating that will live up to the specific needs of your component. There are a wide of different applications for different coatings. Ceramics can withstand high levels of heat. Tungsten Carbide is fantastic at handling corrosive environments. Chromium Carbide is fantastic in environments with high levels of wear. 

No matter what issue you have B&B Coatings can help.We are happy to work with you and produce test pieces so you can be confident that our coatings will meet the required use. Get in touch today and see how we can tailor our coating to suit your needs. 

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