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Hard Chrome Sunset Date is 21st September

Hard Chrome Sunset Date is 21st September

B&B Coatings have been in touch with ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency to enquire after we had heard rumours of a ban on Hard Chrome Plating in 2017. We have had a response which has verified that there will be “additional controls placed on the use of a number of chromium VI compounds, including chromium trioxide the substance most commonly used in hard chrome plating. These controls will come into force on 21 September 2017 (the Sunset Date) and apply to the use of the Cr VI substances in the EU and EEA.”

These additional controls will affect thousands of manufacturers which includes ourselves and although in the email the ECHA representative said “the controls are not a ban per se” only companies who are authorised will be able to Hard Chrome from September.

So how can you or your supplier get authorised? Well currently the deadline for authorisation to the ECHA is 21st of March 2017 and a large consortium of manufacturers have applied for most practical uses of Hard Chrome Plating. We can only wait and see if this application is successful.

If you are a sub-contractor who relies on Hard Chrome right now to fulfil your customer’s orders, this is the time to look for an alternative. It is better to have a Plan B and not need it. Get in touch with B&B Coatings. We can provide test pieces of Tungsten Carbide Coating, a natural replacement for Hard Chrome that can often outperform the old process.

We will be keeping you up to date on developments as we get them.

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