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Ensuring Delivery Dates

B&B Precision are a thriving engineering company and as such our capacity gets filled weeks ahead of time. We are taking a range of proactive measures in order to continue to meet the needs of our customers, but could be doing more with your help.

Expanding Our Capacity

The first way in which we have sought to meet customer’s needs have been the investment in new machinery. In 2017 we have already brought in two new machines, a Tschudin TL155U Universal Grinder and a Doosan 550L CNC turning lathe. These machines have expanded our capacity not only to be able to machine more parts but larger sized parts too.

Expanding Our Team

You may have seen that we have been actively recruiting for a number of roles which have included new machinists, another member of our quality team as well as bringing on board a new operations manager this year to oversee your production.

Quote Chasing

Another way in which we are being more proactive is to chase more quotes we send. They say being forewarned is forearmed. By having a better understanding of what jobs are likely to become orders we have a better understanding of what machines will be busy and expected capacity.


We aim to work closely with the business we support. One way in which customers could help us is to give us advanced visibility of expected deliveries. Not only will this help ensure delivery dates are met, but for business who choose to partner with us we can also offer stock holding and shared capacity options.

B&B strive to ensure we meet all delivery dates and provide clear communication on the status of your parts.

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