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 Is your application in?

Is your application in?

The deadline has now passed for businesses who wish to be authorised for the use of the Hard Chrome Process. From 21st of September 2017 only authorised firms will be able to continue using this process which has a detrimental effect to the environment.
B&B Coatings have been following the progress as new tighter regulations come into play on the popular plating process. We expect that although there will certainly not be a wide scale ‘ban’ that we will see a lot more control and regulation come into play. This will inevitably have a knock on effect on lead times and pricing.

We would expect that the businesses who will be most affected by these restrictions are the smaller businesses where extra paperwork and extra costs may make Hard Chrome less profitable, and those companies who have a small in house resource for Hard Chrome where authorisation may be harder to obtain.

At the moment we are still awaiting feedback from the ECHA on the applications that have gone in. One large consortium had made an application for many of the popular uses of Chromium Trioxide which has already been described as being ‘too broad’ by the European Chemicals Agency.

The key question right now is whether or not you or your supplier have put in an application? September is not that far away, and obviously if you and your business use Hard Chrome then you need to ensure that you have an authorised supplier lined up in the short term. Longer term, it’s like we’ve always said, the more options the better.

We encourage manufacturers to try HVOF applied coatings as an alternative to Hard Chrome and will even provide free sample parts so you can judge it’s effectiveness for yourself.
B&B Coatings are based in Huddersfield UK, and have a state of the art facility and metallurgical laboratory to ensure the best quality coatings. 

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