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Securing Long Term Growth Starts Today

It often seems in manufacturing that we go through periods of boom and bust, but this a trend B&B Precision have bucked. We have built steadily over the last seven years and are putting forward are plans for continued growth.

The Past
B&B have grown steadily over the last seven year and we attribute this growth to two key factors.

The first is pride. If you visit our facility you’ll notice that it’s clean, spacious and the machines are well looked after. Not only do we have onsite inspection facilities and a metallurgical laboratory, but these are in their own self-contained rooms and we have a team specifically for this function. We take a lot of pride in the work we do, no matter how small a part of our customer's supply chain it may be. We regularly conduct customer audits to see which areas we need to improve on and change our internal processes to reflect this. We are far from perfect, but by taking the time to ensure that everything was set up from the shop floor upwards we have been able to grow steadily over time.

The second is diversification. As a sub-contract manufacturer we work across a wide range of industries and this has given a degree of flexibility. When one industry has suffered a setback or slowdown, it hasn’t affected us as a business. We continue to seek sectors where our services can add real value and this year are looking to expand into aerospace.

The Present
Today, B&B is busier than ever before, and our challenge has been to deal with a larger order book while maintaining quality and turnaround. We have already been pro-active in 2017. We have appointed a new Operations Manager, Richard Crowther to help oversee our busy production schedule. We have also invested heavily brining In two new machines in 2017, a Doosan Turner and Tschudin Grinder. Last but certainly not least we have been running extra shifts, for a number of weeks we have been running weekend and night shifts so as to turnaround customer orders. These are all measures we've undertaken this year to help improve our levels of service, but we won't rest there.

The Future
Looking to the future of our business we see partnerships with our local community and in particular young people as key to our long term success. B&B Precision are proud to be an Ambassador for Engineering at Shelley College and we hope to encourage more students into STEM careers and set up formal employment ties. We have also been interviewing a number of apprenticeship positions which we see as being vital to our long term planning. As an employer we take on apprentices not just as a resource for today but with leadership roles in the future in mind.

As long as we continue to form our business around the needs of our customers we hope that B&B can thrive for a long time to come. We offer a complete manufacturing service including the machining, coating and finishing of machined components. We are fully ISO certified and based just off the M1 in Huddersfield.

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