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Manufacturers At The Crossroads

UK Manufacturing At Crossroads
Manufacturing seems to be at a cross roads at the moment. Despite Brexit, confidence in the market is high and many firms including ourselves have recorded bumper months in 2017. Yet at the same time, we have seen a number of well establish firms with good reputations fold. It seems as though a gap is opening up and smaller firms are being left behind…so what can a company ensure their long term future?
Stop Cost Cutting
During a downturn in production, Finance is called upon to reduce costs and maintain profits. This ‘Lean’ thinking is vital during the quiet times, but now that the market is confident again it’s important that companies switch their focus from purely cost cutting to improving their output. This means that firms should look at the materials they source and the way their staff are implemented.
New Faces
Buyers are increasingly young and quite often new to the industry, with no engineering background. This means simply that manufacturing business need to embrace the internet. Although digital may not be the number one source for new work in manufacturing it will certainly be used as a form of due diligence for many companies wishing to use your services. It is shocking just how outdated many companies websites are and although they need not be fancy, a poor impression may be turning off a new generation of buyers.
Business Development
Although order books may be full and work may be coming  in, this is no reason for companies to stop their business development. We have seen many companies suffer through an unexpected drop in orders or downturn in industries such as Oil and Gas. Right now it’s important not only to develop relationships with your current customers but also keep prospects warm for the future. Fitting new customers into your capacity is not necessarily easy, and this could be where outsourcing could come into play.
Keep Investing

Why do big companies keep getting bigger? It’s because they look at the longer term picture and not just today’s issues. They invest in bringing through new staff members, in creating clean and modern workspaces as well as investing in the latest machinery.
B&B see ourselves as a forward thinking organisation who aim to develop and grow over the long term. Through good times and bad we’ve supported businesses with machining services and are constantly getting new feedback from our customers to help us improve. We are ISO certified and based in Huddersfield.

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