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B & B Coatings have installed the latest technology in HVOF Coatings, with our fully integrated Thermal Spray System incorporating liquid CO2 cooling producing superior coatings.

Utilising the latest KUKA robot you can be assured our high quality coating application can be repeated time after time. We have over 100 coatings available.

The HVOF process incorporates liquid CO2 cooling which offers advantages in process speed, quality and cost. Using this process results in lower porosity, higher density and higher coating hardness when compared to standard air cooled processes. We are one of very few companies in the world who can offer this capability.

Heat applied to the base material through the thermal spray process can be very high, when coating thin walled sections or materials with low thermal conductivity, over heating problems can be controlled, especially when section sizes change, we can ensure control to reduce thermal expansion which in turn reduced tensile stresses on the coatings and increased bond strength.

What is HVOF

Unlike conventional flame spray, High Velocity Oxygen Fuel, (HVOF) utilises confined combustion and an extended nozzle to heat and accelerate the powdered coating material. Typical HVOF devices operate at hypersonic gas velocities, i.e. greater than MACH 3. The extreme velocities provide kinetic energy which help produce coatings that are very dense and very well adhered in the as-sprayed condition.

HVOF Processes 

HVOF thermal spray processes are used to apply ‘engineering coatings’ to modify the surface properties of an item. Engineering coatings can provide such properties as enhanced wear resistance, thermal barriers, electrical / thermal conductivity, hard-chrome replacement and insulation across a wide range of applications. 

A huge range of components benefit from thermal spraying, either as part of the original manufacturing process or as a reclamation or re-engineering technique. Some materials are used for small niche applications and other materials are sprayed by the tonne. Each application uses a combination of process and material to yield the desired benefits. 

Thermal sprayed coatings are used on a vast range of components which operate in adverse environments where, erosion, wear, corrosion or heat, conspire to reduce component life. Component life is significantly prolonged by using HVOF systems to apply metals, ceramics and carbides. 

New components which benefit from the enhanced surface properties that thermal spraying provides, include: 

  • Gate and ball valves, 
  • Rock drilling bits, 
  • Down hole tools for the oil and gas and petrochemicals industry, 
  • Hydraulic piston rods, 
  • Print rollers, 
  • Fluid seals, 
  • Aerospace combustion chambers, 
  • Turbine blades

Reclamation and re-engineering can be achieved using HVOF on a wide range of rotating and moving parts from machines of all kinds. Virtually any equipment which is subject to wear, erosion or corrosion could benefit from using HVOF systems to spray steels, nickel alloys, carbides, stainless alloys, bronzes, copper and many other materials.

Applications include: 

  • Road and rail vehicles 
  • Ships
  • Aircraft 
  • Pumps 
  • Valves 
  • Printing presses 
  • Electric motors
  • Paper making machines 
  • Chemical plant 
  • Food machinery 
  • Mining and quarrying machinery 
  • Earthmovers
  • Machine tools 
  • Power generation 
  • Aerospace turbine repair 
  • Landing gear 


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