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Powder Flame Spray

Powder Flame Spray

B&B Coatings offer fast turnaround with our powder flame spray service. In particular this process can be used to repair worn and damaged components.

Reclamation of parts using our Powder Flame Spray System, can be fast and efficient. Our special air cap nozzle narrows the spray pattern to densify the coating, which is particularly beneficial when spraying Ceramic, high deposit efficiencies can be achieved.


  • Reclamation and Engineering Component Repair
  • Spray and Metallurgically Fused Coatings
  • Self Fluxing Alloys for Extreme Wear Applications
  • Glass Moulding Plungers
  • Steel Mill Table Rollers
  • Thermal Barrier Coatings – Exhaust Systems


What is Flame Spray

Gas fuel and oxygen are mixed and ignited to produce a flame. The material, either a wire or powder is fed into the flame. For wire flame spray, the material is melted and the compressed air, passing through a spray nozzle atomises the molten metal and sprays it onto the work piece. The larger the wire diameter, the higher the spray rate. For powder flame spray, the powder particles (metal or ceramic ) are softened in the flame and the speed of the flame gases through the nozzle sprays the softened powder onto the work piece.

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