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Support and Finishing Processes

Support and Finishing Processes

To support the application of high quality coatings B&B Coatings also provide a wide range of preparation and finishing processes

To ensure that customers receive the highest quality finished product they have also invested in a wide range of support and finishing processes. B & B Coatings performs post-spray operations including sealing, grinding, lapping, super finishing, and heat treatments.

Shot Blasting – To ensure that the surfaces are properly prepared prior to coating   

Grinding – Used both pre and post coating to ensure products are produced to required tolerances. We grind cylindrical surfaces to a roughness of 16 RA and super finish to 2-3 micro-inches RA. We can finish cylinders and rolls up to 20 inches (508 mm) diameter, 120 inches (2850mm) in length. Larger parts can also be processed using outside vendors.

  • Cylindrical Grinding 
  • Bore Grinding
  • Surface Grinding

Lapping - The fastest and most accurate method of achieving flatness and parallelism with high quality surface finishes. We are capable of production grinding and lapping planar surfaces to a flatness of one helium light band and a roughness of one micro-inch RA. Our capability includes parts up to 10.5 inches (267 mm) in diameter. Typical Tolerances achieved:

  • Flattness 0.0005mm over 120mm dia.
  • Parrallelism 0.0025mm
  • Surface Finish 0.025 Ra on Hardened Materials
  • Size Control +/-0.005mm

Sealers - Coating sealers are applied to enhance corrosion resistance, dielectric properties, non-stick, etc. Sealers range from room temperature to elevated temperature curing for more severe applications.

Heat Treatments - B & B Coatings performs a variety of post coating heat treatments to enhance coating properties such as creating strong metallurgical bonding, coating densification, reducing oxides, and improving corrosion resistance. Our Technical Team will develop a customised heat treatment for your coated component to maximize the components performance.


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